You’re purchasing a tangible asset which can be leveraged with financing, so let your tenants do the heavy lifting by paying off the loan–while you build your equity position.

Cash Flow

Cash flow from day one. Rental properties provide you with the opportunity for passive income and build long term wealth.

Tax Benefits

There are many well known tax benefits available to you when investing in rental properties. Ask your tax advisor about all the benefits available to you.


Property values are on the rise in the Omaha metro and Lincoln areas. This coupled with the monthly cash flow from each property is a sure fire way to build long term wealth.

180 Point Inspection

Get full transparency. We offer a thorough 180 point inspection that goes over every detail of your potential investment.

1-Year Home Warranty

Want to protect your new property? We offer a 1-year Home Warranty so you can rest at ease.

30-Day Money back

Not satisfied with your Cherrypick property? No worries, we’ll purchase it back. Subject to terms, of course.

Rent Guarantee

Worried about vacancies and cash flow? Don’t! We guarantee monthly rent payments for up to a year!

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Why Invest in the Omaha market?

Real Estate Hotspot

According to Zillow, Omaha-Nebraska is in the top 10 housing markets. Our record low unemployment rate, income growth and home appreciation make us a prime spot for real estate investments, especially buy and holds properties.

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