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Omaha, Nebraska Makes Real Estate’s Top 10

According to the chief economist of Zillow, Svenja Gudell, Omaha-Nebraska is in the top 10 housing markets. Omaha’s record low unemployment rate (2.6%), income growth and home appreciation make it a prime spot for real estate investment. “This abundance of opportunities, coupled with home values that are both low relative to national norms and appreciating quickly, will help make Omaha an attractive place to live for Millenials and families this year,” said Gudell.

Omaha, Nebraska is located on the Missouri river. Founded in 1854 the city was nicknamed “Gateway to the West” for its role in pioneering America. Omaha is the largest city in the state and 41st largest in the nation by population. Including its suburbs, Omaha forms the 60th-largest metropolitan area in the United States with nearly 900,000 residents in eight counties. Home to five Fortune 500 companies and five more Fortune 1000 companies, Omaha has a diverse economy. Home to billionaire investor Warren Buffett, host to the annual College World Series, Omaha also house the famous Henry Doorly Zoo and the bustling Old Market in downtown. Recent investments in cultural tourism generate state and local tax revenue while providing support for hundreds of jobs. Ranked by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance as one of the best cities to “live, work and play,” Omaha’s recent growth has required constant development of new urban infrastructure allowing steady expansion of the city.

7 Reasons to Invest in Omaha

1. Booming Economy

Omaha is reinventing itself as a city and its reaping the rewards

We’re not the only ones to have noticed. Here are just a few of the honors that Omaha has received in recent years:

  • “Voted one of the Best Places to Live” – US News and Money Magazine
  • #11 Best Cities to Start a Career – Wallet Hub 2016
  • #6 Best Cities for First-Time Homebuyers – SmartAsset 2016
  • #3 Best Cities to Find a Job in 2016 – ZipRecruiter 2016
  • #3 Best States for Business (Nebraska) – Forbes 2015
  • One of the Top Cities for Global Trade – Global Trade 2015
  • #2 Best Cities for Millennial College Students – CNBC 2015
  • #10 Top Cities for Young Entrepreneurs – Forbes 2014
  • #3 Most Affordable Big Cities in the US – Kiplinger 2014
  • #3 Best Cities to Launch a Startup – CNN Money 2014
  • #2 America’s Least Congested Big Cities – HomeInsurance.com 2014

2. Inventory.

The housing inventory is plummeting, making home offers prolific. Today’s inventory is 16% less than last year’s.

The time to act is now. Omaha’s combined economic potential and documented growth is telling more than just us that this is the time and place to invest in real estate.

3. Employment

Omaha’s low unemployment rate (2.6%) makes it prime for growth.

Omaha stands at the 60th-largest metropolitan area in the United States. Unlike other metropolitan areas, it holds a steady, low unemployment rate assessing nearly 900,000 residents at 2.6%, making it prime for growth.

4. Huge Potential with Millenials

Increased opportunity is driving Millennial's to Omaha

Millennial’s are moving to metropolitan areas where job growth is strong and home ownership is possible for first-time home buyers. The Omaha housing market meets their ownership prospects and have caused a Millennial migration to the city and outlying areas.  “You can make money off Millennials by renting to them initially and then flipping to them as they decide to become homebuyers”- Darin Blomquist- Vice President of RealtyTrac recently stated.

5. Five-Year Rise

For five years Omaha homes sales have risen, with 2015 sales reaching an all-time high—and closings increasing 49% since 2010.

According to the Omaha Area Board of Realtors, closings for both existing and newly constructed homes went up 49 percent over 2010 and 31 percent over 2005. National housing markets have had a difficult time pulling themselves out of the Great Recession, but Omaha has fared incredibly well in comparison, mostly due to the fact that Omaha did not over inflate home prices.

6. A Thriving, Diverse Economy

Labeled one of the best cities in America to "live, work and play"

Omaha’s economy is diverse and attractive; billionaire investor Warren Buffet even calls Omaha home. Omaha is generating not only growth but national investment interest. Omaha is home to five Fortune 500 Companies and five Fortune 1000 Companies including:

  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • ConAgra Foods
  • Kiewit Corporation
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Union Pacific Corporation
  • Greed Plains Renewable Energy
  • TD Ameritrade
  • Valmont Industries
  • Werner Enterprises

7. Highest Metro Appreciation Rate In The Country

According to Realtor.com, prices have appreciated a staggering 20.7% in the past year

A big reason for this is Omaha’s economy has come roaring back, thanks to job growth in both the health care and financial sectors. In fact, here is what Realtor.com reports for appreciation growth in the past 5 years:

1-year percentage change: 20.7%
3-year percentage change: 62.1%
5-year percentage change: 73.5%

Also, like we mentioned above, it helps that the region is home to Fortune 500s like Berkshire Hathaway, Union Pacific Railroad, and Kiewit Corporation.  Even Facebook sees the opportunity that Omaha offers and is currently building a $300 million data center.

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