We review all your funding options with you and

explain how each affects the return on your investment.

All Cash

Reduce Risk. Maximize Potential.

Although using all cash requires a higher upfront investment than financing, you will be debt-free and carry less risk while you own the investment. Your closing costs are also typically less when paying cash.


Lower Initial. Greater Returns.

Using financial leverage offers diversification benefits and provides the opportunity for greater returns over time. By utilizing banks or other entities, you generally only need 20% of the sales price for a downpayment and can then borrow the rest.  This leverage allows you to purchase more properties.

1031 Exchange

Defer Tax. Trade Assets.

Own investment properties? A great way to defer tax and trade assets to increase profits by using a 1301 Exchange.

Self-Directed IRA

Save for Retirement.

Purchase an income property with your SDIRA and you will give yourself that extra cushion for retirement.

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